VISITING SALISBURY: exactly how TO SEE one of ENGLAND’S many historic locations

Last Updated: 11/7/20 | November 7th, 2020

A spectacular hour-and-a-half train trip with the English countryside from London takes you to the town Salisbury, house of the well-known Stonehenge in addition to the Magna Carta. It’s an simple day trip from London>, however I discovered that the town has a great deal to offer as well as traveling to Salisbury is worth at least a night’s stay.

Salisbury has been an essential site throughout human history. Over 5,000 years ago, Neolithic guy was dragging significant stones, weighing as much as 55 tons from Wales to Salisbury to develop Stonehenge. It’s one of the very best as well as many well-known historical sites in the world. The area was a significant settlement as well as is now surrounded by ancient burial mounds as well as historical artifacts.

While Stonehenge is outstanding as well as still one of the most essential historical sites in human history, Salisbury itself is even much more impressive. Beautifully preserved, this picturesque English country town provides a great deal to do as well as will leave a far much more long lasting perception on me than Stonehenge.

Originally, “Old Sarum” (as the old town was called) was built as well as utilized by the Romans as well as early Saxons as a fortification. With the signing of the Magna Carta in 1215, the fort as well as cathedral were transferred to the present-day location. )The new city never had any type of defensive walls, as it’s surrounded by rivers on three sides as well as found on a hill.)

The city has been immaculately preserved over the centuries. during the German Blitz, Salisbury wasn’t bombed, as the Germans utilized its well-known church as a waypoint during bombing runs as well as were under strict orders not to damage it.

Around Salisbury, one can see Elizabethan, Jacobin, as well as Victorian-style houses all squished together down small streets. The town market square is extremely well preserved, as well as outside cafes line the area.

There’s a great deal of things to see as well as perform in Salisbury however below are my six favorites that will take up a full day as well as a half, which is about the ideal time to visit. I don’t believe you requirement much much more than that.

1. Salisbury Cathedral

The highlight of my whole trip was Salisbury Cathedral. The cathedral was developed in 1238 as well as still stands 750 years later. This significant Gothic cathedral is surrounded by turf as well as cloistered in a bit neighborhood with a few smaller churches, homes, as well as other buildings. Of all the churches I’ve seen in Europe, this ranks as number one.

Inside (where no pictures allowed), this church is laid out in the conventional cross-format with an entrance at one end as well as the prayer area at the other. significant ceilings as well as big stained-glass windows decorate the sides, as well as the choir as well as seating area line the middle. What made this church truly special were the tombs inside. The walls are lined with the tombs of dead bishops, kings, as well as queens. They are beautifully ordained in figures as well as signs from the person’s life.

In the Trinity, there is a tomb that dates back to 1099. walking past the tombs of so numerous historical figures, including some that signed the Magna Carta, was breathtaking, particularly to a history geek such as myself. The church likewise homes one of the four original copies of the Magna Carta.

Chapter Office, +44 1722 555120, open Monday-Saturday from 10am-3pm (closed Sunday for worship). Admission is 8 GBP as well as includes a guided tour.

2. walk around The Close

Salisbury cathedral is surrounded by 80 acres of land called the Cathedral Close. This is where you’ll discover many of the museums as well as historic houses. On one side you can see the River Avon, while the rest of the complex is secured by ancient walls. The old bishop’s palace (that is now the Cathedral institution as well as Sarum College) is found in a late 17th-century house.

3. Market Square

Markets were very first held right here in 1219 as well as the square is still full of stores as well as sellers. You can pick up anything from fresh fish to discount rate watches. The narrow lanes surrounding the square are named after their medieval specialties: Oatmeal Row, Fish Row as well as Silver St.

Visit the market on Tuesdays from 8am-2:30pm as well as Saturdays from 8am-3pm.

4. see Stonehenge

Located near Salisbury, this megalithic structure is over 3,000 years old as well as why many people see the town. Scholars still are not sure exactly how the contractors got the stones all the method from Wales as well as have tried to replicate the feat, with dismal results.

Moreover, we only have a vague concept of Stonehenge’s function (we’re essentially just guessing). Stonehenge is now fenced off, as wellas you can no longer go into the circle. visitors can only walk around the attraction. however it’s worth going to for the secret behind it as well as an outstanding as well as comprehensive audio tour.

Near Amesbury, +44 0370 333 1181, open everyday from 9am-8pm in the summertime as well as 9:30am-5pm in the winter. Admission is 19.50 GBP.

5. check out Old Sarum

Located a couple of miles from town, this is believed to be the site of the original city of Salisbury. Settlements right here date all the method back to the Neolithic Age (6,000-2,22 BCE), with a fort being built on the hill in the Iron Age (800-1 BCE). It’s a excellent location to opt for a stroll as well as have a picnic as you sit among the ruins of history.

Castle Road, +44 0370 333 1181, open everyday 10am-5pm. Admission is 6.50 GBP.

6. see the Salisbury Museum

Not only does this museum have some noteworthy archeological discovers however the building itself is likewise significant, dating back to the 13th century. The museum is housed inside The King’s House, a building where King James I stayed on a couple of different events in the 1600s. There is a great deal of fashion jewelry on screen you can see that dates back to the Bronze as well as Iron Ages.

The King’s House, +44 0172 233 2151, open Thursday-Sunday from 11am-4pm. Admission is 6.50 GBP.

Travelin to Salisbury can produce a excellent day trip from London, however to really appreciate the area, it’s much better to spend a night or two. walk around this historical town, see Stonehenge, its bit cousin Avebury, the cathedral, as well as journey into the country. There’s a great deal to perform in Salisbury, as well as it’s a excellent break from the chaos of London so be sure to see the town on your next trip to the UK! There’s as well much history right here to prevent it!

How to get to Salisbury

Salisbury is roughly a 90-minute drive away from London as well as around one hour from Portsmouth, Poole, as well as Southampton. There is direct train service from London, with tickets costing between 22-40 GBP.

Trains are likewise offered from Bath, Cardiff, Exeter, Southampton, as well as Bristol with tickets costing between 11-40 GBP. Buses run from Heathrow flight terminal too, taking around 2.5-3 hours costing between 10-20 GBP.

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